Road Transports
International road transports
With respect for the environment and in cooperation with our correspondents abroad, the purpose of our road department is to achieve immediate receipt and loading of goods with the aim of faster delivery to their final destination safely, responsibly and with constant information to our customers. Our company transports loads on a weekly basis and offers the possibility of using trailers or semi-trailer trucks as well as other types of trucks such as reefers and mega-trailers (3 meters high).
The services we offer in international road transport are:
– Full Truckloads (FTL)
– Less-than-truck load (LTL/Groupage)
– Full temperature-controlled truck loads (Reefer)
– Special transports.
National road transports
At the domestic level, through our company “VTRANS S.A.” which has an extensive privately owned fleet of national transport cars, and assisted by an organized and reliable network of partners, nationwide we can achieve deliveries throughout the Greek territory within 24 to 72 hours depending on the destination. In addition, the company “VTRANS A.E.” is equipped with tanks (8 isotank inox container) for liquid cargo transport. Finally, our entire fleet has been granted the ADR license for the transport of dangerous goods (imo class).
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Our team is ready to serve you and provide you solutions to your transport needs. Our goal is to provide reliable and swift customer service, transport solutions and alternatives in both domestic and international level.