Through our company group “VTRANS S.A.”, we provide a full range of vertical services such as palletizing – depalletizing, filling and emptying of all types of containers and trucks, debagging as well as filling in silo trucks. The equipment acquired, to provide the best services, consists of clarks for container filling and unloading, clarks hyster, load shifting machine, silo filling machine and forklift. This dynamic combined with excellent knowledge constitutes the competitive advantage of our group for claiming a leading role in the field of logistics. The above are achieved in combination with the company’s highly trained staff and proprietary equipment that covers the most demanding procedures. Finally, with the aim of providing high-quality services, our company owns high-standard indoor facilities with a total area of 1,500 square meters in the area within the port of Volos, as well as a network of valuable and reliable partners throughout Greece, ensuring that the goods we undertake are safe at all stages of logistics and transport.
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