Customs Clearance
Through our group company “VAROUTSIKOS P&G O.E.”, we provide immediate customs clearance for any type of goods our customers have, with the possibility of customs clearance at all customs offices in Greece, through our separate customs department at the port of Volos. Our name has been established as the leader in the field of customs clearance with a tradition and experience of over 90 years in the field.

Our offered services include:

  • Import / export customs clearance,
  • Re-exports of cargo from road, air, sea and rail transport
  • Customs clearance of cargo under special tariff regime
  • Customs Clearance of Excise Duty (Excise Duty)
  • Customs clearance of IMO / ADR cargo
  • Import/Export Transit Clearances
  • Cargo from third countries “In Transit” (T1, T2)
  • Community cargo release (T2L)
  • Customs clearance documentation (EU, third countries)
  • Issuance of EUR1 and A.T.R. certificates
  • Procedure for issuing/granting a unique EORI number
  • Budget for taxes, duties and customs clearance costs

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