The measures to stimulate market liquidity ranked the members of the Hellenic-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry as the most important that the government receives in support of the business community against Covid-19. Equally important were the interventions aimed at stimulating employment, while for their importance the tax incentives stood out.

The above emerges from the conclusions of the second part of the new research of the Hellenic-German Chamber on the pandemic crisis and its effects on the economy, with 6 out of 10 members of the body being moderately optimistic about the course of the country’s macroeconomic figures, 8 10 to call for intensification of market strengthening measures after the new outbreak of the pandemic and one in two companies to forecast a reduction in turnover for this year.

In particular, according to the research of the Hellenic-German Chamber:

  • 50.98% of the companies in the sample estimated that the turnover of 2020 will be reduced compared to 2019, 39.22% stated that it will remain stable and 9.80% that it will increase
  • 43.14% of entrepreneurs said that the latest forecasts for the “closure” of this year are worse than those made in the initial phase of the pandemic crisis, 37.25% were more positive, while 19.61% kept the his predictions
  • 60.78% of the respondents were moderately optimistic about the course of the economy in the midst of Covid-19, 21.57% appeared quite optimistic, 17.65% pessimistic, while none of the respondents said they were very optimistic
  • The participants in the survey appeared divided in terms of the evaluation of EU funds, which will support the Greek economy against the effects of Covid-19, with 50.98% characterizing the aid as adequate and 49.02% insufficient
  • 88.24% of respondents said that the government should intensify its legislative initiatives to shield the business community after the new pandemic outbreak and the adoption of new restrictive measures, while 3.92% estimated that there is no such need (7.84% not placed)
  • The stimulation of liquidity was the most important of the government market support measures for the participants in the research, followed by the promoted regulations to stimulate employment, the granting of tax incentives, the introduction of new incentives for investment