Port congestion, the thorn in the side of liner shipping

With demand for the transport of commercial and packaged goods remaining consistently high, port congestion and disruption to supply chains are making headlines but also taking time to normalise. Extensive port congestion continued to cause multi-layered disruption in September and October. Typical of the situation in ports, Clarksons' Containership Port Congestion...

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The “perfect storm” in the ports – Nine out of ten ships arrive off schedule

The logistics sector in Greece is still under pressure due to the disorganization of maritime trade in recent months. The focus is of course on the ports, but the prolonged period of crisis is extending the problems to all links in the supply chain (domino effect). As the president of the International...

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Vietnam’s Ports Set New Records Amidst Container Surge

Despite disruption from lockdown measures over the summer, Vietnam’s seaports have handled in excess of 537 million tons of goods in the first nine months of the year - a three percent year-on-year rise, according to new data released by the Vietnam Maritime Administration. The country's containerized cargo is mostly handled through...

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Power crisis deepens in Asia and Europe: What it means to shipping

Another risk to container supply chain, but tailwind for commodity shipping There’s panic-buying of gasoline in the U.K. Natural gas prices in Europe and Asia are skyrocketing. Protests are breaking out across Europe due to spiking electricity bills. India and China are short of coal for utilities. Power is being rationed...

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